RR Foundation for Wildlife Conservation(RRFWC)

The RR Foundation for Wildlife Conservation is a registered non-profit organisation in Chennai, India. Rathika Ramasamy ,wildlife photographer and founder of the RRFWC, has been photographing wildlife for two decades and has given over 100 + workshops and speeches on the subject of wildlife and conservation. Students for Nature Clicks (SFNC ),a program launched by RRFWC, provides nature and wildlife photography awareness workshops and seminars for high school and college students regularly.


Mission and Vision:

  • Organise nature and wildlife photography workshops for students to help them understand the value of biodiversity and sustainability.
  • Educate school and college students about urban wildlife habitat and encourage them to participate in activities such as bird watching near their homes or towns.
  • Use photography as a medium to organise seminars ,training sessions ,and webinars to raise polis awareness about wildlife conservation.
  • We seek to protect livelihood and development alternatives for local communities that live near and rely on wildlife reserves to promote wildlife conservation. To assist or provide any other essential assistance to the forest guards ,local tribe and other community numbers.
  • To assist youngsters in the local community who live near wildlife reserves in improving their educational standards, conducting research, study seminars, discussion classes ,symposiums and identifying professionals in these fields to provide leadership for these programs.
  • To establish, take over, maintain ,run, subsidize  ,help and make donations to the education of children of the local communities in and around wildlife reserve forests.


Our Motto:

 Our motto is to “ Save Nature for the future “


Students For Nature Clicks (SFNC)         RRFWC Wildlife Conservation talk