Wildlife Conservation of India(WCI)


Wildlife Conservation is part of Ecology Conservation is the branch of ecology and evolutionary biology that deals with the preservation and management of biodiversity and natural resources. Its goal is to find ways to conserve species, habitats, landscapes, and ecosystems as quickly, as efficiently, and as economically as possible.Biodiversity, is the variability of living things that makes up life on Earth.If you are in facebook,Do join here.


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The purpose of Wildlife Conservation of India is

1.Share knowledge of environment issues and creating awareness about environmental conservation.

Learn ,Share and Act !

-Create awareness about importance and conservation of wildlife & birds

-School kids, college students, younger generation

-Encourage the bird activity near their own place/town

-Dissemination of knowledge of urban habit wildlife/birds

2.Learning importance of biodiversity and sustainability.

3.Creating awareness about wildlife and their conservation.

4.Importance to wildlife and habitats to balance our biodiversity.

5.It is time to strengthen our relationship with Mother Earth.

6.We should all learn how to live well in harmony with Nature.


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