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Wildlife Conservation is part of Ecology Conservation is the branch of ecology and evolutionary biology that deals with the preservation and management of biodiversity and natural resources. It's goal is to find ways to conserve species, habitats, landscapes, and ecosystems as quickly, as efficiently, and as economically as possible.Biodiversity, is the variability of living things that makes up life on Earth.

About RR Foundation for Wildlife Conservation(RRFWC)

RR Foundation for Wildlife Conservation is a registered non profit organisation based in Chennai, India. Rathika Ramasamy, wildlife photographer, founder of . RR Foundation for Wildlife Conservation(RRFWC) has been into wildlife photography for the last 17 years, conducted 100+ workshops, talks about wildlife  & conservation. She decided to reach more people. RRFWC started Students for Nature Clicks (SFNC) program, regularly hosts  nature and wildlife photography awareness talks and workshops for school and college students. With pandemic time, the program is conducted at  zoom webinar sessions.


Our Mission and Vision

1  Conducting  Nature and Wildlife photography workshops for students to encourage them to learn the importance of biodiversity and sustainability.

2. Conducting seminars to School and college students encouraging  them on activities like bird watching,  near their own place or town and to disseminate knowledge of urban wildlife habitat.

3. Organising nature trails and camps at  National Parks and Sanctuaries . 

4.To organise seminars, training sessions, webinars to create awareness amongst the common people more specifically with younger generation about Wildlife Conservation through education on nature and environment, and its necessity to sustain our world, using Photography as a medium.

5.To promoting wildlife conservation, we want to  safeguard livelihood and development options for local communities who are living nearby and dependent on wildlife reserves. To aid or provide financial or any other needed help for the forest guards and local tribal and other community people.

6. To help the local community children living near wildlife reserves, to improve their standard of education, to conduct research, study seminars, discussion classes, symposiums etc and to find out experts in these lines to give leadership for these projects.

7. To establish, take over, maintain, run, subsidize, help and make donations to the education of children of the local communities in and around wildlife reserve forests.


Our Motto
Save Nature for the Future.


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Students for Nature Clicks (SFNC)


Wildlife Photography Talks/Webinars


World Wildlife Day 2022,Wildlife talk at M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai



























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