Masterclass Wildlife Photography Workshop by Rathika Ramasamy


Workshop : Masterclass Wildlife Photography Workshop


Workshop Dates: January 22nd to January 26th, 2023


Venue: Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, Rajasthan


Workshop Fees : INR 35,000/-(Inclusive of Tax)


                 Registration is closed.



Masterclass schedule: 

January 22nd, Sunday, 2023 (22nd evening all participants must reach the Bharatpur).

January 22nd: 5 pm - Orientation session 

January  23th , 24th, 25th, 2023, Full day shooting session and evening review session.

January 26th Thursday, 2022 morning, after breakfast the  workshop ends.

Detailed scheduled will be send once registration is complete.


About the masterclass: Rathika has been conducting masterclass every year at Bhratpur.The purpose of this workshop is to fine tune your wildlife photography skills by learning from and shooting along with Rathika and further your knowledge of the subjects and photography techniques. Rathika has been to Bharatpur several times during the last 14 years; she knows the park very well and helps you to choose the hotspot and track the birds. This workshop will be highly interactive, and all participants will receive instant feedback in the field and get their images reviewed every evening. If you are already doing bird photography, this field learning experience will make you understand wildlife habitats and how to make inspiring images.


Who could attend:

This workshop is open to all amateur photographers, hobby photographers, anyone who wants to learn bird and wildlife photography from Rathika Ramasamy.

This workshop is suitable to those with previous knowledge of photography.This workshop is intense and detailed one, which helps you to learn wildlife photography techniques, all field techniques, practical knowledge of wildlife shoots, presenting you your work and wildlife conservation etc. If you have never visited Bharatpur, then this is the workshop to look for.  Rathika’s knowledge of the place helps you come back with stunning images.  She will be there to handhold you in your shooting sessions, and give instant reviews and suggestions to make good bird/animal/habitat/landscape images.

What you get to Photograph:

Keoladeo National Park or Keoladeo Ghana National Park formerly known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in BharatpurRajasthanIndia is a famous bird sanctuary that hosts thousands of birds, especially during the winter season. Over 230 species of birds are known to be resident. Please click here to check Keoladeo National Park images.Bharatpur images


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RR-teaser Video clip of Masterclass 2021





                    Feedback from last masterclass workshop participants:

Masterclass (2016) experience by Mr.Ananthakrishnan Srinivasan

Mr.Kaustav das, Kolkata :Ma'am,I am not good enough with words to write accolades, hence was wondering how to express my take on the RR Master Class 2017.Finally I have mustered the following:For me it was immense. My entire perspective of photography got changed within the first hour of the first class room session. Aftermath, shooting at the field and personal care from you, have helped me emerged as a photographer better than what I was before 29th Nov'17.Yesterday I was going through all the photographs, previously taken (and also appreciated by people) and I did not get one good photograph (trust me on this). Also, now I can feel that my Nikon D7100 is slowing turning into an extension of my body. I have come to know him better than what I have ever thought that I would

To sum up: Those 4 days with you, were a turning point in my spree as a photographer. Have already started counting days for next master class.Thank you.

Ms.Viji Rajaram,Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu:Thank you Rathika for making one of my dreams come true,you are a wonderful caring person,wanting to share your knowledge and skill with all unstintingly,lovely workshop in all ways.

Dr.Deepthi ,Chennai,Tamil Nadu: Thanks for the excellent masterclass.Learned a lot ,started from scratch.

Ms.Ranjani Raja,Chennai,Tamil Nadu: Thank you Rathika for teaching me how to hold a camera and click!It is really amazing how you motivate us,looking forward for lot more birding times with you.

Mr.Indranil,Kolkata,WB: Thank you Mam for all the guidance you are an unparalleled guru with child like zeal to teach your student.

Behind the scene, last workshop participants are shooting Sarus [email protected] Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary Masterclass 2017


Group Photo :Masterclass 2017

Masterclass 2017Masterclass 2017 Group Photo :Masterclass 2016